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    Hibaq Ibrahim

    Hi- I am new here 😀 Welcome me, please :-)x I am here to share my problems with you my walaalahayz! hehehe! lol so please bear with me 😀 THANKS!
    My name is Hibaq and I always wanted to make an architecture businesses when I was 10 y/old, I always dream to make my homeland great again like the good old days in the 70’s. I am actually on my second year in Cambridge, doing architecture, but I keep getting questioned every time by Somali people (especially the women), saying like, “Why do you want to be architect?”, “Muslim women cannot be architect!!” etc.. “IT’S NOT GOOD FOR YOU, Be a doctor or something else. Architecture is a men job! (because they “think” I will work with only men). haha!
    I get stressed when I hear people talking about my life like that. I always tell my parents, if architecture is a good career for me, and they tell me stuff that I’d like to hear! But I really need some advice? Do you think me? as a Somali girl should be an architect? My future is to go back home and designs building/houses everywhere in Somalia. but I keep getting doubts on people about my career. What do you think I should do?

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    Che -Guevara

    Soo dhawoow.!

    Don’t pay any attention to what anyone says, nothing worse to listening someone’s advice (no matter how it’s intended to be) and finding out you hate what they advise to do.

    If this is what you want, stick to it, good luck,

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    Hibaq, welcome.

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    Hibaaq, sister welcome.

    My own niece is graduating from Engineering this coming April. She is one of the few women in the class let alone being Muslim woman. If you are planing to go back home after education, definitely you will prosper.

    My main advice is that there is hard work and many long ours of study ahead of you. You must have the backbone and toughness to face many challenges coming both from the education and the cultural purists.

    You should know there are many here i North America who achieved many rare things.

    Good luck.


    Marka koowaad soo dhawoow. Secondly, don’t ever, ever listen islaamo Soomaaliyeed.

    And really, Soomaaliya needs real architects. They are building terrible, haphazard buildings in Soomaaliya with no planning, zoning or other consideration.

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