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    SNM means allot to you it means nothing to a PUNTLANDER.

    Ayoub Shiekh I suggest you read from Barre to Aydeed the book its a LANDERS paradise, pure fiction.

    And I dont know why you so angry, ABDULLAHI YUSUF was the first to fight SIYAD BARRE, when EGAL,TUUR.SIILANYO,RIYAALE where chanting GUULWADE SIYAD.

    This is a blatent fact.
    WHEN in GALKACYU,GAROWE AND BARRE IN 1979 women and children where being massacred BY OFFICERS OF THE NW where was EGAL,TUUR AND RIYYALE, singing GUULWADE SIYAD.

    Truth is if ABDULLAHI DIDNT TOPPLE SIYAD then neither did EGAL,TUUR OR SIILANYO. lets agree to that.


    The NW is seems was founded by SIYAAD oh pardon me its SIYAAD and the BRITISHE DE

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    I believe being naïve is your own weakness. You can’t seem to go beyond the simple statements I have made and relate to them to the historical facts. Obviously SNM did not enter Sool since the elders their were asking for a peace treaty, nevertheless all the regions of modern day Somaliland were at the mercy of the SNM, frow Awdal to Sool. This movement immerged as the clear victor in the war of the north and some regions who were formerly loyal to the Barre regime feared reprisals from them. Now is that not true? If you wanna talk of Naïve listen to yourself in this statement

    They did not go into Sool/ Sanaag because they didn’t want more fighting

    but later on in your post you quote this

    the first step they took was a deliberate clan-cleansing of the non-Isack clans from their homes at Gebiley, Hargeisa, Arabsiyo, Eiragavo and Ainabo

    I hope your aware cerigabo is in Sanaag

    Since your own account of history is a little fuzzy allow me to clarify a single point. Following the major entry of 1988, the SNM extended its area of operation to 50 km east of Cerigabo in Sanaag region. This was before they even captured any of the major towns (i.e. Hargeisa, Burco, Berbera and Borama). You can come up with all the historical distortions from this somali man who attends the university of pennsylvania, this man who obviously has a vendetta where the SNM is concerned (propagating that they were directly under Mengistu’s control or even had ethiopian soldiers with them ). The fact remains that reasonable somalis, whether pro-SNM or not will agree on the true and undeniable historical facts that went down. Your sources are nothing short of a pathetic attempt to re-write history. Next time maybe you should use sources that are not as filled with emotional and subjective distortions, but rather factual, objective and simple facts . Nothing more, nothing less.

    p.s. maybe you should take note from windtalker and try to read intelligently on such obvious points as “BARI”.

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    Che -Guevara

    Lander….I guess most somalis have selective memory when it comes to the crimes commited by ” their people”……everybody in somalia from Jubbas to Sland remembers well crimes that were commited against them, but when it comes their own wrong doings, their memory simply fades.

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    Originally posted by LANDER:
    Don’t you think if they were power hungry and they achieved the peak of their power immediately after the war, they would have continued their conquest and choosen leaders to run the regions among themselves?

    They did

    But instead they decided that their goals were achieved, their people were free, and therefore the movement was no longer needed.

    The SNM Central committee decided for a “two year transitional rule by SNM. This of course let to the 1992/1993 war in which 2000+ people were killed.

    For the sake of the entire region and the future of their populous, they decided to lay down their arms and give up all of their power in probably what could be the most unselfish move in Somali history.

    Talk about Bullsh!t. Stop trying to spoon feed us such propaganda.

    So this short explanation all boils down to one question, If the SNM was so power-hungry, why did they relinquinsh all of their power?

    I guess you have the ‘fuzy’ memory… 😀

    Quote from

    “The conclusions of the conference were presented as recommendations to the subsequent SNM Central Committee meeting, which agreed upon the following:

    -Reconciliation of the warring parties to the conflict

    -Declaration of the Somaliland Republic on 18 May 1991

    – A transitional two-year rule by the SNM , and the accommodation of the non-***** communities in the government structure during this period.

    -Initiation of a separate reconciliation process for Sanaag region”

    “The Burco conference had effectively neutralized the potential for violent conflict between the Issaaq and their neighbours, but it did little to resolve the latent tensions within the SNM itself.”
    “Less than a year after the Burco meeting, the government of Cabdirahman Axmad Cali “Tuur” found itself at war with a coalition of militias loosely based on clan, and linked by political affiliation with the Calan Cas (Red Flag) faction of the SNM. Clashes took place first in Burco, then Berbera, and Hargeysa was reduced to a state of near-anarchy.”

    Let me guess your response–“SomalilandNet has been hijacked by Somaliweyn crowd!!!” 😀

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