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    Farmajo looses khatuum to secessionist SL

    President Farmajo struggling domestic and International

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    I agree. Farmaajo’s story is slowing becoming “war odaygii raadsha” where people are slowly wishing Culusoow was still in power.

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    Do you guys honestly think Farmaajo has any control over his agenda?

    If there is any agenda on his calendar, it is those from the “Powers that Be”.

    As far as this news is concerned, it is a natural conclusion which will benefit the people of those regions most. Peace is the foundation for all development and progress. Peace requires unity in purpose. Unity requires justice, justice in terms of power sharing, distribution of national pie, work and other amenities that come with governance.

    My Allah help them in their efforts.

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    bisha ugu horaysa bay ka xiisa dhacayaan waa inta qaadku dhiigooda ku jiro

    qabiil hadaad raacdo waad ku qiimo beelaysaa aqoosigiina dhalanteed buu noqday sida muuqata

    waxaa u sharaf badnayd asagoo iska adkaysta ilaa jirkiisu kaneecada la qabsado,waa haddiba ay dhab tahay inuu Snm ka maarmi waayay.

    Marti iyo inan la yaal lama noqdo adoo dal iyo dad leh.

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    Che -Guevara


    So Ali Khalif pulled Xaglatoosiye

    What a farce,

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    THere are two issues here. One is why Cali Galaydh left Mogadishu or who lost him?, the other one is how the Siilaanyo administration is characterizing these negotiations, because, as we heard from Galaydh himself the issue is far from over.

    If I wasn’t here , Mr Malister, the spokesperson of Former president Hassan Sheikh would have pulled a fast one to all. It is totally inaccurate to say that Farmaajo lost Galaydh. Hassan Sheikh decided that Khaatumo has no place in his plan or the formation of the Somali regional states. He decided to deal with Puntland and Somaliland on the issue of the Sool region. Galydh created the Khaatumo administration in a small village and tried to expand his influence in the ” Garaad” community regions.

    Galaydh faced a fragment community that had a multifaceted interest. One group took over Laascaanood town and allied itself with Somaliland; another group were totally aligned with Puntland and the “Harti” project. Last but not the least , the hard headed Buuhoodle people decided to be their city state and fly the Somali flag while playing host to everyone regardless of their intentions. Galaydh faced a tough situation which weakened his position.

    Then In the middle of 2016, Hassan Sheikh added insult to injury and made a deal with Puntland and gave C/weli Gaas of PUntland the power to appoint the KHaatumo delegates to the Somali parliament. Finally, Galaydh realized that it will be impossible to have any role at the national stage as long as Puntland and Mogadishu guys are in charge of the Somali politics. So, it was Hassan Sheikh who pushed away Cali Galaydh, just like he humiliated Ahmed Samatar before him.

    As the most prominent Sool politician, he had a duty to do something about the situation of his region and community. If he can not affect any change in Mogadishu, for Khaatumo, he decided to concentrate i his home region and create something that would change the status quo. His people were lagging in terms of development and peace. TRibal skirmishes among his community have became part of the Khaatumo region . Close to a hundred have died for the last 12 months and no one seems to resolve the issue. So Galaydh has to change strategy to save the future of his people.

    Now, let us look at what is cooking in Hargeisa. Since it was difficult to master a fragmented Khaatumo army that have nothing but clan affiliations which is only pitting the Garaad community each other, Cali KHaliif decided to make an honorable deal that will reduce the conflict in his region. The “Habro” media is saying that Galaydh had surrendered , but the truth is far from that. Galaydh want to dismantle the current power politics of Somaliland within the framework of peaceful negotiations.

    Rather than be a minister like XAglo Toosiye or others who are just collecting pay cheques in Hargeisa , Galaydh want real reform and peaceful deal for Khaatumo. He want to challenge the Somaliland system dominated by the SNM community and open the constitution. He want to hold a new shir. He want to clarify the powers of the regions and delegate power.

    He is gallantly challenging the corrupt HArgeisa government and dismantle the ineffective system without firing a bullet. He said many times that he did not come to Hargeisa to be appointed to any thing. Of course the Khaatumo politicians in Hargeisa who are just parasites collecting their cheque have been agitating and scared of his presence fearing that they might lose their perks in Hargeisa. YEt, Galaydh said loudly that he is not interested for their job. Few days ago when those Khaatumo ministers shouted and asked him to incorporate his KHaatumo to Somaliland, he told them , ” Waar hadaad wax ugu filan tihiin dadka Khaatumo oo dhibaatooyinka yaal aad wax ka qaban lahaydeen halkanba ma joogneen”

    These Hargeisa based Khaatumo politicians were told to disarm Galaydh and declare that Khaatumo was incorporated to Somaliland and the Galaydh negotiators must be concluded. Somali leaders in power always try to buy people using weaklinks. Puntlanders used to cal Muuse Suudi ” Al Xaaji” when they were hallenging C/qasim. We Somalis say that the ignorant will always make a bad deal , ” ninka jaahilka ah waxa laga yaabaa in Hal Geela , Waxar yar looga bedesho”.

    The main issue here is since the southern politicians rejected KHaatumo, the best way to achieve either union with Somalia or harmony within Somaliland is to stabilize Sool region. If all the people of Somaliland agree to form and agree with a new administration that is accepted by all, it will easy to negotiate with Somalia.

    If Galaydh forces the current administration to form a new ” Maamul” with a new administration that is accountable to all of the people and share revenue, development and regional rule, I will be one of the first to join that agenda. I encourage Galaydh to demand a Borama style conference to completely redo Somaliland. I know the Hargeisa boys want Galaydh to be just another Xaglotoosiye, but he is far from it. Also, Proff. Ahmed SAmatar paved the way for galaydh by talking about the injustice of Somaliland. If these two heavy weights combine their agenda, they could easily change the false narrative that Somaliland is a panacea of progress.

    If were the Khaatumo people, I would wait for Galydh is cooking.

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    The negotiations with Somalia will be easier to negotiate with one united entity. One thing is for sure, the united Somali national capital must be relocated to Hargeisa. That is the most important condition of all. Without that , there won’t be a deal . The problem is the ” Unaka” and others who were milking MOgadishu for the last 30 years for their own interest, have to make a choice between Mogadishu and “Soomaali Weyn”. If they reject the relocation, we would all know that their so called Somalhood was false.

    So, in other words, Galaydh could pave the way for united Somalia from Hargeisa.

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    Having said that the biggest weakness of Cali Galaydh that would undermine all his efforts is his bad leadership and the inability to bring together his people. He already have strong opposition from different communities of Khaatumo, add that his own allies who were leaning to Somaliland have rejected his moves. Today , the most prominent Garaad that supported him earlier , is openly going against Galaydh. Cali Ciise , his own camp also opposes him.

    He need to consult people more and be less dictatorial or he won’t achieve his goals.

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