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    We, the undersigned ISIMMADA (traditional community leaders) of Sool, Southern and Eastern Sanaag Regions and Buhoodle District, hereby submit that:

    NOTING that there is a reported uncertainty and confusion on the part of the international community working with Somalia on the political, institutional and socio-economic development as well as regional or zone associations of the above regions and district and rumors and claims on them by certain persons or regions in other parts of Somalia;

    HAVING lived through nearly 8 years of civil war, disintegration of our national institutions, disruptions of almost all socio-economic services, the threat of Somali national unity breakdown, resulting in many negative outcomes, massive displacement and migration of thousands of our people abroad;

    CONSIDERING that several national and international attempts failed to produce Somali national reconciliation and that there appears little likelihood of a resolution of this issue in the near future;

    CONSCIOUS of our responsibilities to make all possible efforts to restore peace and public institutions enabling us to lay down plans and programs for the rapid reintegration, rehabilitation and reconstruction of our regions;

    COMMITTED to the maintenance of Somali national unity and the promotion of practical national reconciliation in order to reclaim our national dignity, sovereignty and rebuild our public institutions;

    RECALLING the role played by the people of Sool, Eastern and Southern Sanaag regions and Buhoodle District in the struggle for independence and national unity brought about by voluntary and happy reunion of the peoples of Somalia, who were, historically, forcefully administered by various colonial powers of Europe, following the national independence in 1960;

    BELIEVING in the fundamental principle of self-determination of peoples to decide their future/destiny while respecting the rights of others to life and liberty;

    AWARE of the need and respect for cooperation and good neighborliness with peoples and regions we share common borders such as North West Somalia and Somali Regional State of Ethiopia;

    HAVING considered all the above and realizing that, under the present circumstances of the Somali nation, we share common ancestry, ideals, security, socio-economic interdependence, and destiny with the peoples of Bari, North- East-West Mudugh and Nugal regions, formerly known as North East Somalia;

    ACCEPT, THEREFORE, the wish of the people of Sool, Southern and Eastern Sanaag regions and Buhoodle District, who freely decided through series of consultative and constitutional public conferences, to join with their brethren in the North-East Somalia, jointly forming the Puntland State of Somalia, a major partner of a future Somali federal system of government. We sincerely hope that the current position of the people we represent is perfectly clear to the international community, and that they will, thus, respect the new status of our regions;

    CONSISTENT with the new status of our regions, we respecfully demand that all future humanitarian, reconstruction, development and national reconciliation matters concerning our regions are to be discussed with and conducted through the Government and community of Puntland State of Somalia. No one else represents us.

    Long live peace in Somalia!

    Signed by:-


    1. Sultaan Said Sultaan Abdisalan Mohamud Ali Shire

    2. Garaad Abdillaahi Ali Eid

    3. Islaan Husein Abdisalan Dhiif


    1. Garaad Abdiqani Garaad Jama

    2. Garaad salebaan Garaad Mohamed

    3. Garaad Abdilahi Garaad Soofe

    4. Garaad Ismail Duale Guled

    5. Sultaan Said Osman Ali

    6. Garaad Abshir Salah Mohamed

    7. Ugaas Abdilahi Isse Noor

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    Sxb, no need to post this. Everyone knows the people of SS&H are a part of Puntland/Somalia. They did not take part in bogus referendums or elections conducted by the hargeisa government. The hargeisa government has no presence in those regions, administration, nor police. They do not use the ‘Somaliland’ shilling. Nor do they use the Berbera port. It is a dream. Its all too easy to fool foreigners who have no idea about somali politics; nor the facts on the ground. Even when foreigners do arrive the are restricted to touring Hargeisa.

    I think we should focus on the province of Toghdeer/Western Sanaag; which would fit in much better in Puntland then ‘Somaliland’. Much like SS&H-they look East and not West. They use our currency(don’t recognize hargeisa currency), use Bosaso port(not Berbera), and have not favoured secession(fought against it in 1990s). Socially and economically they are part of Somalia, but politically they are more neutral.


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    General Duke

    Thanks for the post even though this a well known fact dont expect our brothers to accept any truth even if it hits them square on the face.

    Bari Nomad,

    What can I say BRAVO, BRAVO 😀

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