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    Any Bolggers out there?

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    I’m a hosted blogger; a lamer!

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    i’m stuffed *seriously, thought food might fix my mood* , stressed…and on top of all the exams i’m goin to be writing this week i have an assignment *that i thought i might get away from* due this friday. 🙁 bloggin bout how stressed i am would totally help…IF i had time!!! 😡

    fellow blogger here

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    I snuffed the life out of mine a couple of days ago. It kept asking me for mercy killing and I couldn’t say no anymore. May it rest in peace. SOL is my blog.


    << Suffering from that damned cold – and oddly my back hurts – and i know it ain't the age.



    Blog, the latest fad of the internet. It will disappear in due course, just as did the not long ago “personal page” fads of “geocities” and “angelfire” of mid to late ’90s. I can still remember how many maryooleey had those personal pages.

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    Maf Kees

    I have a blog, but I’m not worthy to be called a blogger. I have an awkward relationship with my blog.

    Soon I’ll be getting my own domainname: or Get me a nice HTML template and team up with some of my buddies. Maybe even compete with Qarxis. We’ve been freestyling with some hiphop beats, we could publish that too. And we got funnier clips in our hard drive than the Qarxis mods. Only time is going to be a big problem.

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    Salaan Sare Dhamaan Dadweynaha!

    Glad to see some fellow bloggers! 😀

    What i would love to see though, is the SOL females’ blogs! I am sure they would be an interesting read! 😉 what do you think ladies?

    Castro, SOL is in fact better than personal Blogs – there is much better interactivity here!

    Miskiin-Macruuf, I remember when everyone was hooked onto Geocities. I remember singing up for one, i think it still exists.

    I strongly doubt that blogs will dissapear and be forgotten about just like yahoo and Geocities. Blogs are now the new thing – they replacing the traditional forms of Journalism!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 18 total)

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